MDMA Test Kit

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Confirm that your MDMA actually is MDMA, and rule out drugs mis-sold as MDMA.
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This Kit offers up to 100 tests per bottle

Get this MDMA test kit package if you can afford something more than the basic MDMA test kit. Proper screening is a multi-step process, which is why we recommend this package to identify MDMA. It includes 3 carefully chosen tests (called Marquis, Froehde, and Simon). These tests significantly decreases the chances of getting a false positive, and let you differentiate between MDMA and MDA (a closely related compound).

MDMA Test Kit Description

Use this MDMA drug test kit to test for the presence of MDMA, and MDA (a closely related compound). “Molly” and “Ecstasy” are street names for MDMA. As dealers try to increase profit margins, other drugs are often mis-sold as MDMA. This is dangerous because toxicity levels of these other drugs can be unknown or significantly higher than MDMA. Onset times can be longer than with real MDMA, causing a person to redose. These factors have resulted in many cases of bodily harm and overdose deaths.

Drugs missold as MDMA:
Speed (amphetamine)
DXM (a dissociative anesthetic found in cough medicine)
Methamphetamine (Crystal, Ice)
Methylone and other drugs in a class of drugs called synthetic cathinones
Many others

A color reaction chart, as well as a multi-use testing vial, are also included with the MDMA testing kit.

Our MDMA Complete Test Kit Includes:
1 x Bottle of Marquis
1 x Bottle of Froehde
1 x Bottle of Simon
Color chart with instructions for each test
3 x Multiple-use testing vial
Protective storage/transport jar

Our kits manufactured and provided by TESTKITPLUS, Made in Canada - imported from Canada.

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