Grey Kim Yong-Un (NL on backside) 180mg

Price per unit
5 to 9 (pill)
USD 7.45
10 to 19 (pill)
USD 6.71
20 to 49 (pill)
USD 5.96
50 to 99 (pill)
USD 4.47
100 and + (pill)
USD 2.83

180mg MDMA pills
Sale for scientific/research use only!

Stock: Available

Sending from NL warehouse to
UNITED STATES in undetectable packaging.

Original photo of the product.

These pills are a bright grey color.

Very good and hard pressed XTC tablets with a break line.
Lab results are showing the tablets contain a pure form of mdma (180 MG) with no other substances.

Be sure to take MDMA in a safe, cool and positive environment. Drink 250-500 ml/hour (1-2 cups), definitely no more than 500 ml/hour (2 cups), and ideally sportdrink like gatorade or AA instead of water.

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