Hello Believers & Strangers!

As XTCBuy, We are a group of entrepreneurs based in Amsterdam with years of MDMA manufacturing and deep web vendoring experience. All of our MDMA-based products listed on the site are produced by us with top quality PMK oil . All shipments sending from NL.

We are using best quality PMK oil to produce our MDMA. All pills contains the same ingredient (only MDMA + very small amount of natural colourants).
Quality of our MDMA is above 86% - lab tested - you can contact us for NMR Spectroscopy result of current batch anytime. You can also order MDMA Test Kit (Simone's + Marquis + Froehde) from us with your MDMA / Ecstacy pills order (You have to add this kit to your cart from PRODUCTS menu)

We have very strict rules for our business and our reputation. WE ARE COMMITTED TO PROVIDING ADDITIVE-FREE PRODUCTS. As a result of this, We are avoiding to cut our MDMA with common adulterants that like MDA, PMA/PMMA, DXM and Methlyone.

All shipments are sending with maximum discreetness: hidden decoy + vacuumed bag in anti-xray bag + anti odor spray.
All emails sent by our notification system, not contains any risky info like order content, product names and tracking code.
Only Bitcoin payments accepted at XTCBuy: nobody can know the purpose of your payment.
If you want to make order from XTCBuy but stranger to Bitcoin, please search "buy Bitcoin with credit card" on your favorite search engine.

Wholesale / Bulk orders not accepted at XTCBuy.
You can also reach us at top tier deep web markets, contact us for more info - you can use our PGP KEY to encrypt your text to ensure maximum security.

Enjoy the best Molly and XTC pills of Amsterdam!

As of 20/07/2024, XTCBuy online shop is open for orders. Please start adding products to your cart to create order.